50 posts and 1 comment, my life achievement

Today WordPress kindly notified me that I have written 50 posts on my blog so far. I know you read my posts. After all, I share them on Facebook. And real life happens on Facebook. Right? If I’m not friends with you on Facebook, we can’t say we know each other. If I don’t write thatContinue reading “50 posts and 1 comment, my life achievement”

Why I’m not at the graveyard today

First: no, this is not going to be about why I haven’t killed myself yet. It’s about why I stayed home instead of packing myself into a car to go to a graveyard. Today’s the 1st of November. Which, according to the Polish tradition, is the saddest day of the year (with the exception ofContinue reading “Why I’m not at the graveyard today”