Why do I feel old?

I am 19 years old. In less than 2 months I’ll turn 20.

And I feel old.


If you’re reading this and you’re 13, you might think: “well, sure! ‘Cause you ARE old!”. But I assume that most of my readers are closer to my age or even slightly older and they have no reason to confirm that indeed I should feel old.

Why do I feel this way?

Maybe because nowadays 8 year olds receive mobile phones.

Children master the skill of using a tablet at the age of 4.

And people younger than me have babies. They even get married.

Is it the time to get serious? Is it the time to start looking at wedding dresses, wedding rings, estate magazines, and retirement savings plans?

In today’s world, the whole Age System is messed up. Children behave like adults, become celebrities, have make up done and start their own businesses; adults act like children, play games on smartphones, do university degrees afresh, and go to dates as if they were 15.

I am not judging it as wrong – it would be cruel to forbid anyone from feeling young “again”. Yet, it is not okay if young adults – like me – involuntarily feel like it was too late for them to make mistakes and be unsure about their future. Young people have more possibilities, and hence more is expected from them. But we cannot feel pressured to save the world at the age of 18 and pay our own bills since we are 14.

How old are you, and do you feel old?

If you’ve tackled a problem like mine, how did you do it?

Published by kotersey

Graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a First in geography, and from the University of Brighton with a Master's in history of design and material culture. Probably drinking iced coffee and thinking about buildings.

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