50 posts and 1 comment, my life achievement

Today WordPress kindly notified me that I have written 50 posts on my blog so far.

I know you read my posts. After all, I share them on Facebook.

And real life happens on Facebook. Right?

If I’m not friends with you on Facebook, we can’t say we know each other.
If I don’t write that I go to such-and-such college, I don’t go there at all.

Then, what’s so difficult about expressing your own opinion?
Is it too exhausting to type? Too exhausting to think for a while, instead of just “liking” a post or clicking “share”?

Call me an attention seeker if you want. I am not searching for attention. I am looking for a discussion.

To make life a bit less boring and miserable.

Published by kotersey

Geography student at the University of Edinburgh. Probably drinking iced coffee and thinking about buildings/computer games.

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