Week 1 of online studying: Year 4

I have about 3 hours of ‘live’ online classes per week now, which encourage slow living – slow studying, slow working, (slow internet) and slow reflections over anything I do. Really. Sitting at home with gloomy weather outside favours contemplation, and going down the auto-reflection and self-doubt valley. Might as well make the most ofContinue reading “Week 1 of online studying: Year 4”

Flatmate cartoon #1: glass

A lot of my time recently has been occupied by noticing annoying things that my flatmates do. Most of my flatmates are new so there is some things I have to get used to. I’ve found non-conflict communication to be quite an issue; I believe that personality clashes are real. But there are commonsensical thingsContinue reading “Flatmate cartoon #1: glass”

10 Things Poles Probably Want You To Know

Lists sell well, says every guidebook for content makers… This one probably won’t, but let’s crack on with it. Also, I don’t guarantee that every Pole will agree with this list. Or with its entirety. But I think these are legitimate, and could certainly serve as starting points for discussion. History lessons in school consistedContinue reading “10 Things Poles Probably Want You To Know”