Scandi style at Bristo Sq

Austerity, modest colour palette, and functionality preserved at these “Scandinavian-style lodge” lodged in Bristo Square, Edinburgh. Inviting and warm despite the unavoidably approaching winter months. The ultimate pill to combat coronavirus.

Mid-week update: Poundland trip

The abundance of experience called for a post outside of the weekly schedule. The experience was both aesthetic and revelatory, and – as usual – was characterised by a sudden lift in mood and a sense of reconnection with a certain period from the past. In this case I felt a reconnection with the timeContinue reading “Mid-week update: Poundland trip”

Week 3 of online studying: Year 4

Monday: All I remember is that I stressed all day about interviewing that one person for my class on interviewing. The interview wasn’t that scary altogether, the guy was easy going (although with a deadpan face) and I enjoyed the conversation. I think though that I enjoyed the conversation so much that the interview endedContinue reading “Week 3 of online studying: Year 4”

The pointless smartphone argument

Recently, some University of Edinburgh students paid a lot of attention to the University’s recommendation that each and every student downloads and uses the Test and Protect Scotland app. There are two camps in this argument: one, people who say that’s an invalid recommendation because not everyone has smartphones; and two, people who oppose theContinue reading “The pointless smartphone argument”