Week 8: Move to Poland

This week was quite busy but wonderful. I spent a lot of time sorting out everything before flying back to Poland to study from home. I have to say I was quite well organised, and I managed to see everybody I wanted to see before my departure. On Monday I saw my DPD courier (just kidding… I mean, he did come to pick up my book+clothes parcel I was mailing back home, and he was Polish. Best wishes to Driver Karol). On Wednesday I saw my former flatmate and two postgraduate students from my architectural history course. They’re both doing MSc Architectural History and Theory, the programme I was so obsessed with last year, but by now I have completely fallen out of love with it. Which is fair enough. I’ve even managed to fall in and out of love with MA Research Architecture at Goldsmiths. I feel like choosing a postgrad programme has a lot to do with emotion, but you still have to have cold reasoning behind your choice to make it really solid, so that it stands even once your emotions cool down.

I saw my friend L. on Tuesday and we had a fabulous coffee and walked up Castle Hill. On Monday I also had an appointment with the careers advisor from my university, and it was very productive, I think. I still haven’t got my MA personal statement anywhere near completion, but I’ve got a better idea on how to approach looking for something to do from May onwards.

On Thursday, I met my artist friend R and we hung out, had free coffees, ate doughnuts and sat in the basement brainstorming colour ideas for the courtyard mural. I also finished up moving everything to my new room one floor up and packing my suitcase. It was obviously overweight, so I had to leave some precious books in my room. Fortunately, I got to the airport alright and the journey was relatively pleasant. The only drawback was the worst sort of Polish emigres, the kind that doesn’t wear the mask on their nose, or doesn’t wear it at all. But Poland is a red zone anyway and two noses probably wouldn’t save it from its other self-destructive tendencies.

Friday was all Adolf Loos; luckily this time there were more questions from other students. Saturday was beigels and coffee from Pers, and Sunday was a walk with my dearest Bydgoskie friend M. It was also sunny and so I went on another walk in the afternoon and got some nice snippets of the beloved UMK campus.

And so this week I am treating you to some beautiful photos of my Polish town.

Dog Pleasantville
It’s coal season bby

Actually you know what?
If you want more photos, just go to my Instagram. There are tons. I posted like nine pics this weekend. (Including beigel pics).

Thanks for reading/watching/sharing!

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Graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a First in geography, and from the University of Brighton with a Master's in history of design and material culture. Probably drinking iced coffee and thinking about buildings.

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