Geographying as a courier pt. 1

The image of the city as it is in my mind has changed significantly since I took up my part-time job as a delivery cyclist. I’ve been working for eight months now delivering meal orders from restaurants to customers’ houses (and sometimes workplaces).

Probably the most unusual place I’ve delivered to is a pathology lab. This is the one place from where I have the most significant memories, as after delivery I spent about 10 minutes listening to the pathologist’s rant about her day and her talking about cutting up dead people. Aside from that I remember delivering a huge McDonald’s order to a very shady place in Batorego street, cycling on a dirt road with hardly any lamps, on what seemed like the total outskirts of the city, only to be greeted by a very kind elderly man and be left with a large tip.

I’ve not delivered to the military poligon just south of the city, although other people have. Apparently it’s outside of the area where we deliver, but others still have delivered there by error. The system’s susceptible to crashes.

I’ve seen and gone places in my city I’d never go if I didn’t work there. I mean, sure, you can wander every street in town at your leisure if you have the time and will, but you probably won’t get into many staircases in residential blocks. You also get to be on different terms with the staff at numerous restaurants across the city – instead being a simple customer, you’re a coworker, you say Cześć instead of Dzień dobry. That was an important social component of the job for me. It made my time so much more enjoyable and less alone, and of course given the remote nature of my studies this year, anything that made me feel not alone was good.

This probably wasn’t an interesting first post about my job (well, not quite the first I think, but among the first), but lately I’ve just been so good at procrastinating instead of writing things so this’ll have to do. I’m trying to work on my post drafts now because they’ve accumulated (I’ve got over what, 80 of them), so that’s a start.

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Graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a First in geography, and from the University of Brighton with a Master's in history of design and material culture. Probably drinking iced coffee and thinking about buildings.

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