“Down on your luck” TS2 hostel

There’s few TS2 custom builds that went directly to my favourites. Let me present you one of them, possibly my favourite TS2 (or The Sims of all time!) custom build ever: the “Down on your luck hostel” by joandsarah77, uploaded to ModTheSims on April 22, 2013. One precious thing you’ll notice when you click theContinue reading ““Down on your luck” TS2 hostel”

Why I build ugly houses in The Sims

First I’ll have you know that I’ve read that majority of Poles consider Polish architecture pretty. Yes, I’ve read that and at first I couldn’t believe, but then the second thought came to me – a second that’s often present with me – that, and here, I don’t know if it’s true, I’m not aContinue reading “Why I build ugly houses in The Sims”

New Filmhouse outside Sheraton Hostel revised

Back when I was still in Edinburgh, in 2019 or 2020, I don’t remember, Richard Murphy from Richard Murphy Architects came to the basement of ESALA in Chambers Street to give a lecture. At the end of the lecture, he broke the news of his studio’s new design for a cinema centre, to be builtContinue reading “New Filmhouse outside Sheraton Hostel revised”