end of september update

The last day of September deserves an update! I’m in Brighton, it’s 9.30am and when I woke up this morning I turned my head to the right and looked out the window and saw hills and trees and green grass and a cloudy sky. I see this first thing in the morning every day, onlyContinue reading “end of september update”

Blind vs constructive patriotism – notes

I have a tablet I can draw with now, so here’s some notes I transcribed from my summer 2019 notebook that I took with me to America. I made these notes using a handbook on patriotism in modern America, I don’t remember exactly what that book was, what I know is I passed it ontoContinue reading “Blind vs constructive patriotism – notes”

We found Doofenshmirtz’s HQ IRL

We’ve found the Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz (vel Dundersztyc) headquarters when taking a stroll down Winnica street, Torun. It’s the black house that looks nothing like anything near it and has only a few windows, all of which have thick curtains. If Batman turned from a superhero into a house, this is what he’d look like.Continue reading “We found Doofenshmirtz’s HQ IRL”

If you do this, your delivery driver will thank you

RUBINKOWO and MATEJKI are two MOST JUSTEAT-FRIENDLY NEIGHBOURHOODS in Toruń. Fair, Matejki isn’t a neighbourhood to such a degree that Rubinkowo is – perhaps you could speak of Rubinkowo as an area and Matejki as a street – but okkkkkk. In this post there’s pics from Matejki, demonstrating how easy it is to make yourContinue reading “If you do this, your delivery driver will thank you”

Rememberx2 the first of September

The first of September has always marked new beginnings within my field of signifiers and signified. The oldest September first I was taught about is the start of World War 2. The most significant September first to me is definitely the one seven years ago, when I boarded a plane from Gdansk to Leeds thatContinue reading “Rememberx2 the first of September”