Personal update 17/2/22

It’s wild that my last post is from 20th January, since I’ve had so many ideas for things to write about and have been collecting so many photos and images to illustrate all these things. I guess it’s the tiny bit of perfectionism in me that doesn’t let me finish a post without getting everything right and providing substantial amounts of facts and whatever theoretical BS I could dig up, under the pretense of “relating it to my degree” or whatever academic interest I could possibly argue is relevant.

Apparently there’s a storm in Europe, a storm called Dudley. I’m pretty sure we had a storm named Dudley before, which makes no sense because as far as I know they get different names every time, following the alphabetical order of letters. (Which just made me wonder, do hurricanes and storms ever get names beginning with V and X? Because if they do, that’s pretty mean, isn’t it? Excluding languages that don’t have these letters in their alphabets? If we’re trying to make everything offensive, why wouldn’t we make that offensive?).

I’m obviously going off on a tangent because I’m feeling absolutely crap today – I have several hypotheses as to why that’d be, none of them being appropriate for disclosing on a publicly accessible blog. I’m at uni now and trying to eat a sandwich which is falling apart every time I bite it because it’s a chicken salad sandwich. As far as sandwiches go, this one’s one of the most prone to pre-ingestion disintegration. But I’m not here to find a husband, so I guess it’s all fine.

I’ve been pretty happy recently because I finally got hold of The Sims 4 (which is a computer game, in case you’re not aware) and I can convert most of my boredom into creative pursuit, which turns it from destructive to constructive. Also because of that, I have waves of content that are waiting to get out of my head and draftbook* and into this blog. Right now they’re just making a whirlpool in my brain, but I tried to ease that a little bit today during my little Costa iced-flat-white hangout (which means, I was on a date with Miss Costa today, whereas two days ago my lunchtime date was Mr Sainsbury, who provided me with coffee). This is all to say, I sat at the Costa next to Aldi and wrote in my draftbook. What a cathartic feeling it is when you pour something that has been sitting in your head for weeks or months onto a page. Though I’m probably stating the obviousness.

* I’d argue that a draftbook deserves to be a single word as much as a notebook deserves to be a notebook, not a ‘note book’, and a sketchbook deserves to be a sketchbook. Not so sure about ‘scrapbooks’ though. I’m not on the scrapbooking wagon, so you can give me your own opinion in the comments.

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Graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a First in geography, and from the University of Brighton with a Master's in history of design and material culture. Probably drinking iced coffee and thinking about buildings.

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