Quick update 30/6/22

I’ve not written for ages, and I’ve got some very good excuses. Most of May I tried to spend every single moment getting my uni assignments done. My last deadline was 31st May, so May felt pretty busy. Besides, I started kind of seeing someone in May, so aside from uni work I was seeing them, too. Then on 30th May I started a Level 2 diploma course which was in-person, based near Preston Park in Brighton. It was intense – it run from 10 till 5 (I know, I know, it’s not even 8 hours per day, but we were learning stuff!! and sitting in an office building without AC all day, so it felt way longer than 7 hours), Monday through Friday (with exceptions, like the Jubilee weekend, when we only had class Monday-Wednesday), for three weeks. I was done with it on 16th June, which left me over one full week to prepare for moving out of Brighton. This included sorting through my stuff (I disposed of a lot, of course) and packing it up, and I ended up having a few neat packages… at least relatively neat. I had my full-size suitcase, a full tote bag, a full backpack (which is broken, by the way, so I need to get a new one), and a guitar case with my guitar and a bunch of clothes inside it. It wasn’t easy to move it all on my own, but surprisingly, it was manageable. Thankfully I had friends who helped me take it (1) on the stretch between Churchill Square Pret and Brighton train station and (2) from Waverley Station to the flat I’m currently living in. (Thank you so much again, C and G).

Leaving Brighton wasn’t too great, but overall I’m feeling good about this summer. Right now I’m leaving right by the beach with two cute dogs and an old uni friend of mine (who’ll be leaving next week, which is the reason why I’m here – to take care of the dogs while the friend is gone). I spend my days mostly working on my dissertation, walking around, strolling on the beach, and reading Hillbilly’s Elegy. It’s a pretty good lifestyle, if you ask me. Though I miss the busyness of my life of the previous few weeks – working at Shabitat, and going to my course at that office building (I love a busy routine like that), and exploring Brighton’s coffee shops while I could (Waterstone’s cafe on the third floor is actually very nice… though I might be biased, as it’s right next to the architecture & design books section). Now I’m limited to exploring Portobello which isn’t that huge, but sometimes I like to be somewhere more remote so that I can focus on a few select things rather than have my mind all over the place… that is, unless I overdid my caffeine. Then it’s rush rush rush either way.

Anyway, good to check in on here, words are coming to my brain like crazy and this morning I had to catch up on my diary writing anyway. I had not written in my (paper, private) diary for over a month between May and late June, for a bunch of reasons. I better stop writing now or this post will get too long. Next time I hope to finish one of my 100 drafts and finally post it on here. Hope y’all are doing well!

PS: If you want to see the silly website I made during my Level 2 diploma course, the link is here: https://12torun26.wixsite.com/kotersey-cc

Published by kotersey

Graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a First in geography, and from the University of Brighton with a Master's in history of design and material culture. Probably drinking iced coffee and thinking about buildings.

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