Couvent de la Tourette near Lyon

Just what it says on the tin – long story short, I was in a boring lecture on the first Friday of the term (and of 2023 as well) and I was surfing the web, then an ad popped up advertising cheap flights within Europe, so I started looking.
There still are many countries in Europe that I haven’t been to, and after searching for the best deals I decided I’d go to France. Yes, I’d been to France before – on my Paris trip in September 2017. But that was over five years ago, so I decided I’d go again – to Lyon this time!

The advantage of Lyon is that it’s very close to one of Le Corbusier’s most known architectural designs, namely the Couvent de la Tourette in Eveux – a Dominican monastery in the hills just a half-an-hour ride from Lyon’s city centre. The design for the building began in 1953, construction started in 1956 and finished in 1961. In 2016, the monastery was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, for being “an outstanding contribution to the modern movement” – among 16 other buildings designed by Le Corbusier.*

You can access my photos from La Tourette and Eveux here, on my (other) Flickr site. To tempt you, I inserted a miniature below:

  • UNESCO World Heritage Convention. The Architectural Work of Le Corbusier, an Outstanding Contribution to the Modern Movement. Accessed 21 January 2023.

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Graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a First in geography, and from the University of Brighton with a Master's in history of design and material culture. Probably drinking iced coffee and thinking about buildings.

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