Why I quit teacher training (for now)

I was going to write this one earlier, but other things took over and I’m writing this now, better late than never!

A few weeks ago I decided to withdraw from the teacher training course I was doing at the University of Sussex. There are a bunch of reasons for this, but one of the reasons I can disclose here is that it just felt like the right thing to do at this point. I loved teaching at my placement school, I loved the work preparing the lessons and working with the students, and it was really fun getting to know all these special people. But when something doesn’t feel right to me, I can’t really just stick with it and ignore the gut feeling, so I found myself in a situation where I thought it was better to cut the course short rather than continue.

Eventually, I didn’t end up withdrawing permanently from the course, but taking a temporary withdrawal, which means that if I want to, I can come back on the course next January (2024) and pick up where I left off. I’m not sure at this point (it’s mid-February!) what route I’m going to take, whether I’m going to go back on the course or not. Only time will tell! But I thought it appropriate to share on here, as clearly I won’t be sharing any teaching-related content and/or you might be surprised I’ve got time to do non-teaching-related things if I share such things on here. C’est la vie. Sometimes things go the way you didn’t expect them to go!

Love to y’all, and as always, thanks for reading.

Published by kotersey

Graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a First in geography, and from the University of Brighton with a Master's in history of design and material culture. Probably drinking iced coffee and thinking about buildings.

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