I am interested in human relationships with the (natural) environment and how these are mediated through our built environment, material objects, and elements of everyday popular culture.

My undergraduate dissertation was the analysis of the representation of environment and human/environment relationships in the computer game The Sims 4, through the study of procedural and verbal rhetoric.

Current location: Brighton, England

research interests





PL-EN translation

  • human perceptions of nature
  • patriotism and scouting movements
  • national/regional identity
  • computer games/digital geography
  • imaginary/metageography
  • 19th and 20th century Central and Eastern Europe (particularly post-dependency approaches)
  • environmental and material literacies

Contemporary international research is anglocentric – what gets read and considered is what gets published in English. I want Polish research to have a more significant role on the international scale. If you need assistance with Polish-English translation, I will try to help – just contact me via the form below.

[PL] Współcześne badania naukowe są anglocentryczne – czyta i ceni się artykuły publikowane po angielsku. Jeśli potrzebujesz pomocy z tłumaczeniem tekstu z j. polskiego na angielski (również w drugą stronę), postaram się pomóc – można się ze mną skontaktować poprzez poniższy formularz.


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