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Very rainy weekend

I’m sitting at the kitchen table (yes! we have a great table in our kitchen, right by a huge window overlooking our garden palm and our sunny deck and all the neighbouring gardens – I love my current flat so much), determined to write and post a post because I’ve been irregular with my writing in the recent months. This is why I won’t be renewing my premium…

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Realm of Magic – screenshots

Beware – this is a Sims-related post. I bought the Realm of Magic Game Pack for The Sims 4 a while ago, I think I still lived in the Varley Park flat on the outskirts of Brighton so it’s been several months, but I never ventured into the Realm of Magic in-game until last week. I used Glimmerbrook a couple of times for builds because it’s a very…

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Varsity jackets, sunsets, busy autumn

As you might have noticed, lately this blog has been mostly personal updates rather than actual 🐺🍧 cσ𝓝ⓉẸN𝕋 🐠😝! The reasons for this are multiple… I’ll recount the most direct ones. A) Almost two months ago I started teacher training which finally filled my days with lots of hours of supervised work and got me thinking about things other than my own personal progression and figuring out other…

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Wales trips and pumpkin cold brews

Hello folks, it seems I’m going back to the record lows of the frequency of my posting on this website! What can I say? I’ve been pretty busy, having started my first school placement on September 26th and making the most of the remaining summer weather in the meantime. Now that summer’s officially ended and I’ve had my first PSL (and a second, and a third – though…

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I’m back in Brighton

No posts in August! Thought I’d update you on my life situation since I’ve not posted for five weeks. And that’s a long time for me not to write anything for the public, it seems. It’s September 4th, Sunday, and on Friday the 2nd I had my first day on the PGCE course I enrolled in back in July. I realised that I really wanted to go back…

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Graduation cards – 4 variations

Let a girl dream and she will make graduation greeting cards, because she herself has not had a graduation ceremony yet. I graduated with a First Class degree in Geography last year, July 2021, from the University of Edinburgh. Because I’ve been in Edinburgh for just over a month now, and I happened to be on campus a few times – visiting the library as an alumna and…

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The case of Hillfort House [Brighton]

With this post, I introduce a new post category to my blog: housing! It started with the ad [picture 1] I check my email and see this ad at the top of my inbox. (Thanks, Gmail). It’s adorable – nice colours, fancy font, and a catchy heading – “Up to 6 weeks’ rent on us”. Who wouldn’t want that? Especially in the summer, when your choices are either…

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Another update [16/7/2022]

Summer has been going by fast, that’s for sure. It’s already mid-July and I’ve got about a month and a half to finish the final draft of my dissertation (not that I have any drafts at the moment! It’s a work in progress) but there’s been some key changes in my personal life lately so I thought I’d throw them out there, just for accountability’s sake and all.…

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I’m kotersey. I’m a human geography graduate, now studying a postgraduate degree in history of design and material culture in Brighton. I write, draw cartoons, make questionable quality graphics, and design postcards. I’ve been blogging since 2007.
I’ve also worked as a gardener, sandwich salesgirl, barista, hog roast truck staff, souvenir shop assistant, waitress, takeaway delivery courier, summer camp counselor, and interned at a real magazine.

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