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Quick update 30/6/22

I’ve not written for ages, and I’ve got some very good excuses. Most of May I tried to spend every single moment getting my uni assignments done. My last deadline was 31st May, so May felt pretty busy. Besides, I started kind of seeing someone in May, so aside from uni work I was seeing them, too. Then on 30th May I started a Level 2 diploma course…

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My London

NB to start with: I don’t live and have never lived in London. ‘My London’ is the idea of London as it exists in my mind – the prevalent idea that allows me to like and not hate it – and the parts of London that I like to visit in London, the parts of London I visit London for, and the parts that make me feel like…

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How I really feel about Brighton

Dear friends and subscribers (though feel free to consider yourself my friend if we’ve ever engaged in any sort of exchange of comments or messages, isn’t this what everybody does now in the era of Facebook friends and followers?), thank you for your patience and apologies (or you’re welcome?) for not posting for a few weeks. I went home for a couple of weeks, meaning I was in…

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#1 – Some developments just don’t make sense

19 March 2022 – massive thank you to the 50 people who have so far subscribed to my site! Every post like and comment (the latter are more scarce) matters hugely to me, and I hope you find my 🄲🄾🄽🅃🄴🄽🅃 at least a tiny bit interesting, entertaining, helpful, or inspiring. Now, to the point: Real estate developments divide into those that make sense and those that don’t make…

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Storytelling through houses in The Sims 2 – Pleasantview (part 1)

It’s no surprise that settings can be, and often are, important parts of a story told through a movie/book/show/whatever other fictional form. But so far, video games (or computer games, or digital games) have not been classified as fictional forms until very recently, and their status as ‘fictional forms’ has been neglected and even rejected. But what players often point out when comparing different renditions of The Sims…

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Park Close flats, Coldean – redevelopment proposal

Two years ago, a proposal was made to replace the old Meeting House at Park Close, Coldean – a ‘garden suburb’ of Brighton – with a new development of 12 flats. The Meeting House was built in the 1950s and used by the Mormon community (i.e. the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), but since 1993 it has served a residential function. This is what the Meeting…

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Writing from the basement

I often write posts on here from a basement. It’s a basement at Pavilion Parade, Brighton, because it’s a place where you can sit down and it’s pleasant and isn’t a beach so you can use a laptop. The other place where you can sit down and it’s nice is the beach, but it’s not so good for using laptops there. I mean, I’ve never tried, and to…

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Universities for commuters

I remember learning in my 2nd year course Architectural History 2B: Order & the City about ‘commuters’ universities’ – at least that’s the phrase that somehow got stuck in my brain. These were the universities from the “red brick” wave, in the late 19th and first half of the 20th centuries. Examples: Newcastle University (est. 1834 as the School of Medicine and Surgery), University of Liverpool (est. 1881…

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I’m kotersey. I’m a human geography graduate, now studying a postgraduate degree in history of design and material culture in Brighton. I write, draw cartoons, make questionable quality graphics, and design postcards. I’ve been blogging since 2007.
I’ve also worked as a gardener, sandwich salesgirl, barista, hog roast truck staff, souvenir shop assistant, waitress, takeaway delivery courier, summer camp counselor, and interned at a real magazine.

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