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Wroclaw/Breslau trip

So long folks – it’s been almost a month since I posted, so it’s high time I pop in and do an update. I’ve been in Poland for three weeks now and life’s been good, though the weather has not been merciful. It snowed a little here in my town, which was awesome, but today I wake up and it’s this weird mixture of snow on the ground…

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Why I quit teacher training (for now)

I was going to write this one earlier, but other things took over and I’m writing this now, better late than never! A few weeks ago I decided to withdraw from the teacher training course I was doing at the University of Sussex. There are a bunch of reasons for this, but one of the reasons I can disclose here is that it just felt like the right…

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I graduated! – University of Brighton graduation

Last Friday, on February 10th, I attended my first graduation ceremony ever. The weird thing is, this ceremony is just the first of two I will attend this year – the second one’s been lined up for months in a bit over a month, at the end of March. And the one I attended last Friday was not for my first, but for my second degree! So, dressed…

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I’m kotersey. I have an undergraduate degree in human geography and a postgraduate degree in history of design and material culture.
I write, draw cartoons, make questionable quality graphics, and design postcards. I’ve been blogging since 2007.
I’ve also worked as a gardener, mobile sandwich salesgirl, barista, hog roast truck staff, souvenir shop assistant, waitress, takeaway delivery courier, summer camp counselor, trained to be a teacher, and interned at a real magazine.
My favourite place is Brighton, England.

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