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Coldean – affordable housing under construction (to open in summer 2023)

I love looking at houses. Seeing where and how people live can give us a great insight into what their everyday life is like and what obstacles and benefits they might encounter on a daily basis. In fact, one of the things I liked the most about my job as delivery cyclist at JustEat (apart from being outside and active all the time) was getting to see the…

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[Edit: three months later] After a week of halls

I started writing this post on 3rd October 2021. Now it’s 5th January 2022 and I still haven’t published this, or anything else on the university halls of residence in which I am living this year. That’s a benefit for both of us, though, because now I can tell you more about them – for example, I can tell you about the foxes screaming outside my kitchen window;…

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Pasteloza po Brightońsku

Poland isn’t the only country with pastelosis (Polish: pasteloza). You might be amused to learn that the so-called “West”, too, has some pastelosis of its own to show off. Here are some examples from Elm Row in Brighton, picced on Christmas Eve 2021.

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Museum of London (Nov.2021)

On November 27th I visited London. I took the train from Brighton to London Bridge, paying £8.70 with my Railcard for a return ticket. I got back on the 19.05 direct train to Brighton. I have to say that departing London and arriving in Brighton was a tragic experience, particularly because of Covid, because both stations were absolutely full of people, a significant proportion of whom wearing football…

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The cursed ‘stocking filler’ (and Tunbridge Wells trip)

Last Saturday I tripped to Tunbridge Wells (also called Royal Tunbridge Wells), which is a regency town just on the edge of Kent. You can get to Tunbridge Wells easily from Brighton, as there’s the 29 bus service (operating what’s called a “Regency Route” because it connects regency towns of Brighton, Crowborough, Uckfield, and Tunbridge Wells) which departs every hour from several stops including the Old Steine, Lewes…

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I forgot I am free

I want to begin to appreciate more the little pockets of freedom in my life. I forget how lucky I am all the time, and my grim thoughts are sometimes too cloudy for me to enjoy life. But as I said, little pockets of freedom are there to be found and recovered and they can really help you put things in perspective. I volunteer for four hours every…

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Waste self-audit

When going zero-waste, guides tend to tell you to assess your rubbish heaps regularly, usually weekly. Now, I’m not trying to go zero waste as such, but I did propose myself to the University of Brighton c-change department that waste audits could be carried out in student halls of residence. Considering that I see the rubbish trucks come in regularly to collect our waste, I’m assuming that there…

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The UB1 bus is notoriously late

So here I am again, at the St Peters House University of Brighton Library, at 8.23pm on a Monday morning. I left exactly the same building just an hour and a half earlier, with the intention to go to Aldi and buy a cucumber before getting the bus home at 7.30pm from The Level. Oh, how wrong was I when I thought that was what would happen! By…

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I’m kotersey. I’m a human geography graduate now studying a postgrad degree in history of design and material culture in Brighton. I write, draw cartoons, make questionable quality graphics, and design postcards. I’ve been blogging since 2007.
I’ve also worked as a gardener, sandwich salesgirl, barista, hog roast truck staff, souvenir shop assistant, waitress, takeaway delivery courier, summer camp counselor, and interned at a real magazine.
I don’t have a driving license.

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