Binmen’s great job

Shortly before moving to Brighton, I joined a facebook group where people share photos of Brighton, just for the sake of sharing the beauty and all of Brighton with other people. Someone posted a gorgeous series of photos called “Bins at sunrise”. It was really gorgeous and makes you think, are bins really that ugly?Continue reading “Binmen’s great job”

Toruńska Ustawa Krajobrazowa (TUK)

Every time I pass this building – which is often because it’s a minute walk from my house, plus I used to pass it twice a day on my way to and from middle school – it hurts. It hurts to look at it, to see it, to catch a glimpse of it with theContinue reading “Toruńska Ustawa Krajobrazowa (TUK)”

Shinrin-yoku a egzotyzacja

Co znaczy shinrin-yoku? Shinrin-yoku (森林浴) z japońskiego tłumaczy się na “leśną kąpiel”. Ma mieć (i z pewnością ma) właściwości lecznicze, praktykuje się ją zarówno indywidualnie, jak i w ramach zorganizowanej “terapii naturą”. (Co ciekawe, artykuł o shinrin-yoku na polskiej Wikipedii jest bardzo dobrej jakości i rozległy, podczas gdy na angielskiej jest o tym tylko wzmiankaContinue reading “Shinrin-yoku a egzotyzacja”

Typespotting’s the Polish trainspotting

The recent couple of years saw a massive increase in alternative place photography Instagrams. The app started with square, oversaturated, filtered photographs. Then we got the polished photographs, more subtly filtered (thanks vsco) but still severely detached from things looked like in reality. Now we’re blessed with crude authenticity, all ordered with appropriate hashtags, thatContinue reading “Typespotting’s the Polish trainspotting”

The pointless smartphone argument

Recently, some University of Edinburgh students paid a lot of attention to the University’s recommendation that each and every student downloads and uses the Test and Protect Scotland app. There are two camps in this argument: one, people who say that’s an invalid recommendation because not everyone has smartphones; and two, people who oppose theContinue reading “The pointless smartphone argument”

10 Things Poles Probably Want You To Know

Lists sell well, says every guidebook for content makers… This one probably won’t, but let’s crack on with it. Also, I don’t guarantee that every Pole will agree with this list. Or with its entirety. But I think these are legitimate, and could certainly serve as starting points for discussion. History lessons in school consistedContinue reading “10 Things Poles Probably Want You To Know”

Marie Curie is an anti-feminist character – Give women their maiden names (If they want them)

As March and the Great Daffodil Appeal have arrived, it’s worth knowing that Marie Curie never actually received the Nobel Prize in chemistry. It was Marie Skłodowska-Curie. Check her Nobel Prize diploma — no, not her joint diploma with her husband and this other guy, which she almost didn’t get because of being a woman.Continue reading “Marie Curie is an anti-feminist character – Give women their maiden names (If they want them)”

Frida nipple: NHS Bras

We’ve already called out men for unequal pay and media for unrealistic portrayals of feminine physique. We got to the point where EUSA has taken on campus sexual assault, where it’s perfectly fine to look like a Michelin Man crossed with Lizzie McGuire, and where Frida Kahlo’s constantly lurking to jump out at you at theContinue reading “Frida nipple: NHS Bras”

Are we all product-driven?

How devastating is this? The world is product-driven, Craft says. I have to agree; yet, it depends on what kind of product you mean. If we are talking about the produce of plants, life-giving vegetables, fresh water, and oxygen – the product of photosynthesis, then it is all right. We indeed are and need to be driven byContinue reading “Are we all product-driven?”