Remembering my last week pre-pandemic

It’s been almost a year since all normal activities stopped in Edinburgh because of covid… and I sort of remember the first days when I started cutting out my outings, although I still went out relatively frequently – I went to Tesco once a day to get some fresh vegetables (I remember I was intoContinue reading “Remembering my last week pre-pandemic”

2020: Summation/Share Your World

So I’ve lately been enjoying blogging for the sake of blogging, and it reminded me of the old good times when I started blogging as – I think – a 9-year-old. The sense of the blogging community was strong to me back in 2007, and I’ve recently felt it again. So in this post I’mContinue reading “2020: Summation/Share Your World”

complaints video v. 2

Exclusive video content for all blog readers because this video is listed as Unlisted on YouTube so you and only you have access to it! If that’s not a reason to watch it then I don’t know what is! Oh, wait, I know – my face (although this time from a more unflattering angle) andContinue reading “complaints video v. 2”

Week 7 of online learning. The last one in Edinburgh

Is it too early to call it a week? I believe not. Today (Sunday) does not seem to be particularly eventful, so I might as well sit down and relay to you what happened in the last seven days. This week went extraordinarily well. It was bound to, with the kickstart of a thorough clean-upContinue reading “Week 7 of online learning. The last one in Edinburgh”

Week 6 of online learning: trying to make a move

A physical move, move through space with my physical body. As well as trying to make a move on with my assignments, especially my presentation for the dissertation conference which is on Wednesday 4th November. No detailed breakdown of days this week, because they weren’t that different from each other and it’s all a bitContinue reading “Week 6 of online learning: trying to make a move”