Climbing Mount Komorebi – 3 screenshots

My views have SO DROPPED lately, there’s barely anyone here! So, to start off the month right, I’ll post three screenshots from Mount Komorebi. Precisely three. However, I find them screenshots of high quality, as they gorgeously present the gorgeousness of Mount Komorebi and its snowy environs. I took them while sending the Ito familyContinue reading “Climbing Mount Komorebi – 3 screenshots”

Komercjalizacja harcerstwa

Serce mnie boli, że Dzień Myśli Braterskiej (World Thinking Day, 22 lutego) się skomercjalizował. Widać to dobitnie w newsletterze (który będę nazywać “biuletynem”), który dziś rano wylądował w mojej skrzynce mailowej. Nadawcą jest Składnica Harcerska ZHP 4 Żywioły. W mailu “druhowie” ze Składnicy napisali: Już na horyzoncie Dzień Myśli Braterskiej,to wyjątkowe święto przyjaźni.W taki dzień wartoContinue reading “Komercjalizacja harcerstwa”

Old books, surf magazines, dust

Starting a new subject in a new semester makes a good excuse to go through my parents’ old books… again. “That sounds like a nice activity”, my friend from Finland said, and I told him that sure, as long as you ignore the dust flying all around you. Go through old things on a cloudyContinue reading “Old books, surf magazines, dust”

Fibbing Friday entry one!

So PCGuyIV and Di run this thing called Fibbing Friday, where each Friday they post questions and “the idea is to answer the questions below as imaginatively as possible. Just be sure your answers bend, stretch, break, or outright ignore the truth.” I thought – what’s more entertaining than making stuff up? So this FridayContinue reading “Fibbing Friday entry one!”

All the books I read in 2020

I don’t like long introductions to blog posts. They always happen on baking websites before each recipe. You won’t get it here, because I don’t post recipes. Here’s a list of all the books I read in 2020 with some short description/notes/thoughts on the book/circumstances. (From the ones read most recently to the ones IContinue reading “All the books I read in 2020”

surrealists stuck at home

On St Andrew’s night (Andrzejki) I participated in a Surrealists Stuck At Home workshop ran by Luisa-Maria MacCormack and Philip Webb Gregg (lots of double letters, I know) from the London Drawing Group. Philip writes for the Dark Mountain magazine, studied English lit and creative writing at the Cambridge School of Art, and generally, heContinue reading “surrealists stuck at home”