Supriya took the dog, the son, and left…

Listen. Tumblr isn’t my natural habitat. I prefer WordPress. But also, it’s difficult for me to run two WordPresses at once. So you’ll have to put up with my Sim content showing up on this very serious domain of mine called And so today I’m bringing you my narration of the Delgato family story.Continue reading “Supriya took the dog, the son, and left…”

My drawings from 2012

Today’s a treat. I’ve got my historical pendrive with me and I found some really, well, you name it, drawings from early 2012. They were all scanned and, I believe, some of them found their way onto Deviantart. The black-and-white ones are my self-portrait, and the drawings of dying Boromir from The Fellowship of theContinue reading “My drawings from 2012”

Blind vs constructive patriotism – notes

I have a tablet I can draw with now, so here’s some notes I transcribed from my summer 2019 notebook that I took with me to America. I made these notes using a handbook on patriotism in modern America, I don’t remember exactly what that book was, what I know is I passed it ontoContinue reading “Blind vs constructive patriotism – notes”

We found Doofenshmirtz’s HQ IRL

We’ve found the Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz (vel Dundersztyc) headquarters when taking a stroll down Winnica street, Torun. It’s the black house that looks nothing like anything near it and has only a few windows, all of which have thick curtains. If Batman turned from a superhero into a house, this is what he’d look like.Continue reading “We found Doofenshmirtz’s HQ IRL”

If you do this, your delivery driver will thank you

RUBINKOWO and MATEJKI are two MOST JUSTEAT-FRIENDLY NEIGHBOURHOODS in Toruń. Fair, Matejki isn’t a neighbourhood to such a degree that Rubinkowo is – perhaps you could speak of Rubinkowo as an area and Matejki as a street – but okkkkkk. In this post there’s pics from Matejki, demonstrating how easy it is to make yourContinue reading “If you do this, your delivery driver will thank you”

Why I build ugly houses in The Sims

First I’ll have you know that I’ve read that majority of Poles consider Polish architecture pretty. Yes, I’ve read that and at first I couldn’t believe, but then the second thought came to me – a second that’s often present with me – that, and here, I don’t know if it’s true, I’m not aContinue reading “Why I build ugly houses in The Sims”

Geographying as a courier pt. 1

The image of the city as it is in my mind has changed significantly since I took up my part-time job as a delivery cyclist. I’ve been working for eight months now delivering meal orders from restaurants to customers’ houses (and sometimes workplaces). Probably the most unusual place I’ve delivered to is a pathology lab.Continue reading “Geographying as a courier pt. 1”