Typespotting’s the Polish trainspotting

The recent couple of years saw a massive increase in alternative place photography Instagrams. The app started with square, oversaturated, filtered photographs. Then we got the polished photographs, more subtly filtered (thanks vsco) but still severely detached from things looked like in reality. Now we’re blessed with crude authenticity, all ordered with appropriate hashtags, thatContinue reading “Typespotting’s the Polish trainspotting”

Mid-week update: Poundland trip

The abundance of experience called for a post outside of the weekly schedule. The experience was both aesthetic and revelatory, and – as usual – was characterised by a sudden lift in mood and a sense of reconnection with a certain period from the past. In this case I felt a reconnection with the timeContinue reading “Mid-week update: Poundland trip”

Week 3 of online studying: Year 4

Monday: All I remember is that I stressed all day about interviewing that one person for my class on interviewing. The interview wasn’t that scary altogether, the guy was easy going (although with a deadpan face) and I enjoyed the conversation. I think though that I enjoyed the conversation so much that the interview endedContinue reading “Week 3 of online studying: Year 4”

Post/Capitalism: game by Colestia

Amidst my dissertation research, I was searching for games that would have some sort of ideology or ideologically saturated education behind them. I was elated when I found this simple but satisfying game by Colestia, called Post/Capitalism. It is available to play for free at the indie games website itch.io. The goal of the gameContinue reading “Post/Capitalism: game by Colestia”

Week 2 of online studying: Year 4

Another week of this strenuous situation that is a semester of online learning. I am incredibly disappointed with Texts and Theories so far, because we have not had a single live class since the course introduction (by the wonderful MS). We’re at Renaissance architects at the moment and they are not particularly interesting to me,Continue reading “Week 2 of online studying: Year 4”

Week 1 of online studying: Year 4

I have about 3 hours of ‘live’ online classes per week now, which encourage slow living – slow studying, slow working, (slow internet) and slow reflections over anything I do. Really. Sitting at home with gloomy weather outside favours contemplation, and going down the auto-reflection and self-doubt valley. Might as well make the most ofContinue reading “Week 1 of online studying: Year 4”