My Brighton adventures with design

When you start a new uni, you want to show others what you do and get that clout to wear it around your street. At least unless you go to a uni that you think is below what you are capable of. (My advice: always go to the best place you can go to). EitherContinue reading “My Brighton adventures with design”

If you do this, your delivery driver will thank you

RUBINKOWO and MATEJKI are two MOST JUSTEAT-FRIENDLY NEIGHBOURHOODS in Toruń. Fair, Matejki isn’t a neighbourhood to such a degree that Rubinkowo is – perhaps you could speak of Rubinkowo as an area and Matejki as a street – but okkkkkk. In this post there’s pics from Matejki, demonstrating how easy it is to make yourContinue reading “If you do this, your delivery driver will thank you”