Blind vs constructive patriotism – notes

I have a tablet I can draw with now, so here’s some notes I transcribed from my summer 2019 notebook that I took with me to America. I made these notes using a handbook on patriotism in modern America, I don’t remember exactly what that book was, what I know is I passed it ontoContinue reading “Blind vs constructive patriotism – notes”

Riviera Toruń

There’s a place in Toruń that always stuns me whenever I go by it. It’s a block of flats in Bartkiewiczowny Street, in the Koniuchy district (sort of). It has an official address – one consisting of the street name and some numbers – but I call it differently. I call it Riviera. In myContinue reading “Riviera Toruń”

Looking to the rivers

In BluHum, you are encouraged to think oceanically – but, as it was pointed out, when you think of everything as ocean, and of the ocean as everything, then you really lose the sense of what really makes the ocean the ocean – of what defines it. A question popped in my head – wouldContinue reading “Looking to the rivers”

Marie Curie is an anti-feminist character – Give women their maiden names (If they want them)

As March and the Great Daffodil Appeal have arrived, it’s worth knowing that Marie Curie never actually received the Nobel Prize in chemistry. It was Marie Skłodowska-Curie. Check her Nobel Prize diploma — no, not her joint diploma with her husband and this other guy, which she almost didn’t get because of being a woman.Continue reading “Marie Curie is an anti-feminist character – Give women their maiden names (If they want them)”